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Assignment Questions

A business plan for operating a child care facility

This paper calls for you to develop a business plan for operating a child care facility in New York City.

The paper will be comprised of five components that can form preliminary sections to a business plan to open an early child care center. The paper includes: feasibility/needs assessment, statement of philosophy, goals, objectives, budgeting, policies and procedures manual, staff manual, enrollment policies, and evaluation plan, while using the governmental and state rules and regulations of the state of New York.

Toward this end, for each section you are to develop a component to a business plan and develop it within a particular context. Some operating constraints within the particular context are:

that your center will provide services to no infants, 12 toddlers, and 72 preschoolers

two of the pre-schoolers are special education children with ADHD

This will have a bearing on the state licensing requirements, staffing, and budgeting. Also, you should select one state’s early childhood education guidelines and regulations to work within and develop the components according to those guidelines and regulations. If desired you may select an area or region within one state for your center. Be aware of any local constraints on operating a business as well.

Section 1
2 page narrative essay discuss your response to the following topics. Respond to the following assignment criteria.

-Name the state and Location within the state.

-Locate and determine the guidelines and regulations that must be followed to operate a child care facility.

-Discuss the state and local region. Include a brief mention of the state labor statistics and economic outlook for this field.

-Discuss the state’s licensing and certification requirements.

-Explain the state’s Department of Human Resources requirements as they apply to the operation of a childcare center, e.g. hiring practices, teacher/student ratios, licensing, etc. Recall that our SLP constraints are that your center will provide services to no infants, 12 toddlers, and 72 preschoolers.

Section 2
In a 2 page narrative essay discuss your response to the following topics. Respond to the following assignment criteria.

Childcare centers can become a nexus point where many societal, personal, and cultural issues and ideals merge and manifest themselves in day to day reality. The last module provided you an overview of socio-cultural issues within which we understood the larger dimensions to the need for child care. we explored the local dimensions to the need for child care, i.e. family and community.

For this section you will explore local needs assessments and how they relate to a program’s philosophy. You will develop your own child care development center philosophy.

Determine some aspects to family and community needs in your region. This may be by talking with a few families, by getting local census, and/or demographic information, etc..

Locate two child care centers in your local region that have websites. Explore their websites and look for their program philosophy and information on who they serve. Respond to the following assignment criteria.

-Describe what you have done, comparing the local region needs assessment and family needs to the two programs philosophies.

-Critically analyze the philosophy statements and how they meet or do not meet the family and community needs.

-Evaluate if you agree with the program approach of each center. Explain, if so, why? If not, why not?

-Develop a philosophy for your child care development center based on the needs assessments conducted.

Section 3
Prepare a 2 page narrative essay and complete two tables. In the essay discuss your response to the following topics.

-Begin to address the budget and finance issues that will undoubtedly arise for you. Complete Table 1 with best estimates for your hypothetical Child Development Center in your selected state and region.

-Modify Table 2 to meet your hypothetical center’s constraints on child enrollment. Compute an estimated cash flow calculation for one month.

-After you determine your operating costs and estimated income, determine best sources of funding to begin the start-up phase, the development, and the operation of your ChildDevelopment Center for the first year. Keep in mind the general 60/40 split for revenue sources noted on the homepage.

-Describe the budget and finance process followed for your child care development center, include a brief description of the tables’ contents, and discuss possible sources revenue for your center.

-Include the tables with the narrative.

Table 1 — Start?up Budget

Expenses Amount

Personnel (costs prior to opening) _______

Occupancy _______

Down payment or purchase of building _______

Remodeling costs _______

Rent deposit _______

Utilities deposit _______


Office _______

Program _______

Installation fee _______


Program _______

Office _______

Housekeeping (toilet paper cleaning supplies) _______

Food service _______


Advertising _______

Food (first month) _______

Legal and professional fees

Operating cash _______

Insurance _______

Depreciation _______

Expenses Total _______

Income Total _______


Table 2

Section 4
Prepare two 1 page policies and manuals. Respond to the following assignment criteria.

-Prepare two policy / procedure manuals, and complete a staggered enrollment chart for the toddlers only in your center. Merge the three parts into one final document. For this section prepare two brief policies and procedures manuals, one for staff and one for enrollment practices, that could be used in your child care center. Each should be 1 page long, e.g. could be a bullet list of practices and expectations.

-Complete the Staggered Enrollment Plan for the toddlers only. D:modulesmodule04

-Prepare a short statement on roles and responsibilities of different staff members

Section 5
In a 2 page narrative essay discuss your response to the following topics. Respond to the following assignment criteria.

-Prepare an essay about an evaluation plan that would address staff, curriculum, and health related needs. The plan should include reference to formative and summative evaluations for teaching and learning, make reference to health and safety concerns, and discuss how staff could be evaluated.

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