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Assignment Questions

A Case Study about Yahoo

I need a case study written on Yahoo! that is about 25 pages in length, well written with cited sources. I have attached an “example” of a well written report on “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters” for your guide – need to focus on Yahoo! with comparisons to key competitors such as Google for analysis and comparison.

Cases should make use of a wide variety of source documents and should not, for instance, draw all of the material on a company?s history from a single source. Note that published sources, such as the WSJ, TheEconomist, Hoovers, or Business Week should be used. Company reports filed with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission should also be used along with company 10-K for recent results on the company. For tables, figures, appendices, and other similar items, label each of these in the case as an ?exhibit.? In the case study, it must refer to all exhibits in the body of the text and then put them at the end of the paper ordered sequentially. Additionally, make sure that all exhibits have sources (e.g., a footnote that tells from where the data or material in the exhibit was obtained).

For this case study on Yahoo! – it needs to explain it’s current business model, what is working well and where are the challenges, how solutions for these challenges, define a new strategy or improved strategy over today and outline solutions to solve the relevant problem(s)/issue(s).

See attached example for good framework and level of details needed for this report. thank you.

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