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Assignment Questions

A Case Study on WorldCom and the whistle-blowing

I would like to use the same writer (username: davidpaper)

I have chosen to do WorldCom and the whistle-blowing for the case study.


Present a mission statement and brief background about the organization.

Analyze the case from your perspective, and include and answer the following:

Present the central and relevant facts about the case.
Cite the justification for your perceptions of the problem.
How serious does the problem seem to be? Who or what does the problem affect in the micro or macro environment?
Based on facts available, what was the cause of the problem? Was organizational leadership at fault?
Has the problem been resolved? If yes, do you agree with the way it was handled? Explain your position. If the problem has not been resolved, or if you do not agree with the resolution, what other alternatives were available. What would you have done?
Cite the long-term effects on the organization as a result of the problem.
What ethical values or principles were compromised because of the problem?
What preventative measures could have been employed?
What action would you enforce to insure that the problem does not happen again?
Your case study should be double-spaced and no less than 10 pages submitted. Add a cover page with your name, name of topic, Instructor’s name and date. Add a table of contents. These do not count in the number of required pages to be submitted.

You are expected to follow formal MLA research guidelines. Your citations should be noted on all pages throughout your document, and on your ‘Works Cited’ page as well. Papers that do not have sources cited in the body of their paper will have 10 points deducted. Footnotes will not be accepted.

No less than six references/sources are required. Three Internet sources will be permitted, only!

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