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Assignment Questions

A Clockwork Orange

so this is my question in detail=
In a full five page paper, please respond to the following prompt: Imagine that one of the unusual “independent” films we have watched in the second half of the semester – The Gleaners and I, Elephant, A Clockwork Orange – is brought before a traditional Hollywood producer, such as the ones found in Faces or Sunset Boulevard. What changes would a typical Hollywood studio demand be made of that film before they would agree to give the project a green-light? Be sure to point to specifics from the film you choose to help fully develop your response. One’s answer should aim to illuminate both the characteristics of a typical Hollywood film as well as the ways in which the film you choose breaks from those conventions. One might want to consider issues such as social commentary vs. marketability, narrative structure, cinematography (camera type, length of shot, etc.), art vs. entertainment, casting, how the film would be promoted, scripts, “dumbing down for” vs. “challenging” audiences, genre expectations, etc. Strong papers tend to be thesis driven, rich in content and concerned about strong, local-level writing practices.

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