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Assignment Questions

A Critique of the Utilitarianism Moral Theory

In the form of an Essay, Critique the Utilitarian moral theory as found in the writings of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. Take the point of view against this theory and address such points as the definition of “good” and “principle of utility.” Also, be sure to address problems and limitations of Bentham’s Calculus of Happiness and Mill’s distinction between the “quantity” and “quality” of pleasure. Other points to negate could be “Act Utilitarianism” and “Rule Utilitarianism” and “Contemporary versions of utilitarian theory including cost-benefit analysis.”
Try to use this format:When criticizing an opponent’s position, philosophers often try to show that the opponent’s position involves a dilemma. The word dilemma comes from the Greek di means two and lemma means proposition. In setting up a dilemma, you attempt to show that your opponent’s position leads to either of two propositions and that neither of these propositions is acceptable.

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