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Assignment Questions

A letter to Zeus from Goddess Hera

Chose an art work from the Egyptian collection in the Metropolitan Museum of art and view the art thought the eyes of a character from The Iliad. A?n the guise of this character, you will be writing a letter to another character from the Iliad. Whatever character you choose you will assume that she has a wide knowledge and love of the arts and culture. As an expert, you will obviously speak about the works composition, style, and purpose as well as its symbolic meaning for the culture that produced it. your letter must be very specific about these, along with providing information about its date of origin, medium, and artist. In your letter you may criticize or praise, express dismay or rapture about the art work but always need to stay in character. you must use 2 quotations from the A?lliad that supports the opinions of your character.
My A?dea:
I have picked ” Hatshepsut as Maned Sphinx” from Egyptian art. and will be viewing the master piece from the eyes of the goddess Hera from the book Iliad. Hera will be writing a letter to Zeus.She is jealous of the way Hatshepsut has been depicted. She compares her self and Hatshepsut. She complains to Zeus telling him that The Egyptian art has been displayed very well in the modern day.

I want you to only use A?lliad as a quote nothing else. I will attach the picture of the art work with the description with it.
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