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Assignment Questions

A Paper on Your Volunteering Experience

I basically went volunteering at my college campus daycare for my developmental psychology class and have Write a Reflection Paper about what you learned from the Service-Learning experience and how you can relate this experience to the knowledge you have acquired in the class.

I am a male student and I spent my tree (3) hours helping out with the one (1) year olds… I observed them: eating, sleeping/napping, playing/interacting among them.
Here are some terms that i went over in class…
Physical development during first two years. Gross/fine motor skills
Cognitive development during first two years.
Cognitive development during first two years. Vygostky’s theory
Toddlers’ Language development
Erikson’s Theory (during Toddlerhood)
Basic emotions, social smile, emotional self-regulation (during Toddlerhood)
Thomas and Chess (Easy, difficult,etc. babies)
Attachment during Toddlerhood
Early childhood physical development
Appetite during early childhood
Peer sociability during early childhood

It was a very fun experience… you can elaborate and make it sound interesting.
If any questions feel free to contact me..

this is a reflection paper… from one’s own word therefore no citation is needed.
There are faxes for this order.

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