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Assignment Questions

A Project on Windshield Survey

Use the zipcode 21206 only and use the ones numbered as each heading, apa format make sure to cite, use quotes, double spaced, font 12.


1.Health and Morbidity:

What evidence do you have about the health of this community?
Morbidity? Mortality? Infant Mortality as compared to other communities in this state?
What are major health problems? Accidents?
Death by Violence?
Availability of health care? Hospital? Clinics?
Number of uninsured persons in this community?
What do people in this community believe about the type of health care available to them?
Ambulance service? Transportation to health care?
Preventative services? Immunizations? Health education?
Primary Care?


What is the political structure of this community?
Evidence of a predominant political party affiliation?
Political posters? Community meetings?
Community watch groups? Quality of community organization?

3. Media:

Do you see satellite dishes? Television? Radio?
Print Media? Special newspapers directed towards special group interests?
What posters and billboard advertising do you see?
Who is the target audience?
What is advertised on billboards?

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