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Assignment Questions

A Recommendation Report On Why Companies Should Use Wireless Technologies

Please write a Recommendation Report on the topic: Why Corporations; both small and large, should upgrade their network systems to a wirelessone. Here is the intro that I have wrote myself, please do not include or write the intro, this is just to give you an idea of what I need, here is the intro: INTRO: Attention Corporation executives, it?s time to start upgrading your network system. Everything soon will be accessed through wireless technology at higher speeds than ever, watching wires from one end to the other, will soon be a thing in the past. Wires gliding across the room cause so much disruption and can also be very hazardous, causing fires and electricity shocks. With wireless technology evolving, we never have to worry about those conditions occurring. As everyday technology continues to grow day by day, it is imperative that large and small corporations begin to start looking at other options in establishing relations and better service to their consumers. By upgrading their systems to a wireless one; not only will their systems be up to date with the latest technology, however these corporations taking part will also allow better service to their consumers and also to their own employees. Never again will an employee miss a deadline because he or she could not connect to the network because of unavailability of a disconnected wire. With a wireless system, this can all be avoided, allowing anyone within the company, whether consumer or employee, to connect to the corporation`s network without a problem. Discussion/Body (`chunked` into various sections with appropriate headings and subheadings) This section of the report to introduce and discuss particular findings. Use tables and figures to illustrate those findings ? Include specific, objective evidence in support of your thesis. Aim for a triangulated approach of presenting evidence using three of the following research methods: library research, company and technical reports, interviews, surveys; direct observation. ? Be sure to properly cite all information obtained from outside sources. ? Analyze challenging views and their shortcomings to strengthen your argument. 3. Conclusion ? Summary .A summary succinctly restates the problem, thesis, and the major evidence you have presented to support your position. It`s the place to re-cap where you have been-a reverse `road map` for the reader. ? Note: Do not introduce new information in the conclusion. 4. Recommendations Reemphasize the seriousness of the issue and the need for your audience to take action immediately. Write persuasively. Recommend how you would like the proposed action to be carried out. Address and resolve any foreseeable objections to your plan of action. Supplemental Elements 1. Appendix ? Use an appendix to show research instruments, such as questionnaires you used to obtain some research, or to display documents that provide evidence of assertions you have made in the report. An appendix can also be used to provide information necessary for secondary readers but not primary readers, without breaking the flow for primary readers. ? . Label each Appendix (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.). 2. References Unless your report requires a Glossary, the References page is the last section of the report. Include complete citations for every information source used in your report, using the documentation style appropriate for your discipline. Do not include uncited sources. Final Considerations ? Your report needs to reflect the basic principles of good design and effective visual presentation, as achieved through appropriate use of headings, subheadings bulleted lists, white space, page layout, etc. The expectation is not that you become an expert `information designer,` but that you aim to make your report as reader-based as possible. ? You need to include at least one graphic in your report, i.e., a figure, a table, etc. Your graphic does not count toward the minimum page requirement. Include graphics that go beyond a half page in an Appendix. Again, please do not include nor write an intro. Starting writing with the body. I will email you additional documents you may use for this paper. Thank you
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