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Assignment Questions

A Research Paper on Volleyball

I need a reserarch paper on Volleyball. These are the guidelines to this paper. 1. write a brief history of the sport and how has it changed since it was invented. 2. Does this sport move in a straight line or change direction- is a ball or some other object the main focal point. 3. Design a way to measure the average speed of a moving person or object in this sport,i.e. work = force X distance. Describe how speed is controlled and utilized by a participant of the sport. 4. Identify and describe at least two examples of work being done in this sport.Remember the speed and direction of the movement have to been in the same direction. 5. Find at least two examples of each of Newton’s three laws of motion in this sport. Describe each example and clearly explain how it applies to the law that it illustrates. 6. Consider the role of friction in this sport. When it is desirable and when is it undesirable.

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