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Assignment Questions

A Scenario of the Work Place Violence

Individual Graded Assignment ? Workplace Violence
As the nurse manager, you must address a recent incident involving workplace violencethat occurred on your unit and share it with your leadership group.

Incident of violence between nurses (Nurse-to-nurse). From that scenario, develop workplace violence assessment and recommendation report that will be presented at the next leadership meeting.

Provide the following in your report:

1. Purpose/background ? include information about the purpose of the report, situation involved, current culture and climate of the organization, and any factors (internal and external) that may have contributed to the situation.
2. Major findings and implications ? identify who was impacted/affected by the situation (directly and indirectly) and any patient and staff safety considerations.
3. Corrective actions and recommendation plan ? what preliminary corrective actions do you intend to take to address the situation and what is your recommendation plan to mitigate future incidences from occurring? Be sure to consider leadership considerations, organizational structure and supports, policies and any interdepartmental relationship and communication considerations.
4. Monitoring/Evaluating ? how will you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan?
5. Presentation and Style of report ? be sure the report addresses the key components and integrates any charts or graphs that can be used to convey information.

APA style.

8 pages including abstract.

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