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A Social Science Research Paper on GM Crops

Social science research paper:
issue:The production of genetically modified crops has attracted both positive and negative responses from scientists and the general public.Write an essay which outlines both viewpoints and the assess the potential of GM crops as sourse of food

Structure:Introduction: this essay will focus on the advantage and disadvantage of GM,Can we use GM crops as a souce of food and whether GM crops can be our source of food in the further

Main body: Definition of GM food, Scientists “cut and paste” a gene from another organism into a plant’s DNA to give it a new characteristic.

The reason why scientists want to develop the GM food
Ever-growing population
Water crisis

Positive responses:(5relevant eg.)
Scientists: 1. The Botanical and Rotational Implications of Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerance (Bright) Link project, the project concluded that the GM varieties used in this way did not deplete the soil of weed seeds needed by many birds and other wildlife.
2. general public-supermarkets? warned-why?

General public: (relevant eg.5)
1. One major advantage of GM food is that crops genetically engineered to resist weeds and bugs enable farmers to decrease pesticide and herbicide use.

2. Supporters of GM say there is no evidence that modified crops cause illness in humans.

Negative responses:
Critics say the modified crops could “escape” and cross with wild plants, with unknown consequences.
They also argue that more chemicals are used on some GM fields which may have a negative impact on wildlife.
And while no study has found GM food to be harmful to humans, opponents say it is too soon to be sure.


General public:

GM crops as a source of food: good


Conclusion: GM foods are Controversy

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