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Adult Education in Contemporary Society


I have a few small assignments I don’t have time to do. Glad your service is around for such emergencies. Please follow my instructor’s instructions for this particular assignment. Please cite any sources. Thanks for your help.

Topic: “Adult Education in Contemporary Society
Research key points and web sites on the ongoing debate about whether the individual or society should be the focus of adult education. The discourse around this issue can be plotted on a continuum, with the individual at one end and the mission of changingsociety at the other. Between these two opposites are those who advocate a dual mission of changing individual and society and those who emphasize adult educations’ role in maintaining and improving our democratic society as it is. **Where do you place yourself on this continuum in regard to the two extremes? Justify your answer.** (300 words)

Key points to consider:

-Unity versus diversity.
-Core principles suggested by Beder (1989) –Check out Hal Beder on Google or some other search engine.
-What do you think are the values, goals, and assumptions that are the basis for Beder’s principles?
-Explain the differences between Apps’ overriding purpose for adult education and Koloski’s recommendations for the field.
-Do you believe adult education should align itself with the broader field of education? Why or why not?
-Should adult education focus on the individual, society, or both? Why?
-What has been the focus (individual, society, both) of your experiences as an adult educator or an adult learner? Explain.
-How do each of the three social policy models for adult education proposed by Quigley relate to the philosophical issues of reinforcing the status quo, promoting social equity, and/or advocating social change?
-How do any of Quigley’s models compare to the classifications proposed by Nordhaug or Cunningham?

Possible web sites to consider:

http://www.ericdigests.org/1997-3/adult.html “Critical Adult Education for Social Change
http://www.ericdigests.org/1992-3/adult.htm NEW DIRECTIONS FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION, no. 44
http://www.cete.org/acve/docgen.asp?tbl=digests&ID=29 “Critical Adult Education for Social Change.”
http://www-distance.syr.edu/contemp.html Contemporary Issues in Adult Education.

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