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Assignment Questions

An Assessment of a Workplace of Your Choice

Workplace Assessment

Choose a specific job of interest to you (job interest is Corporate Banking). Provide an overview of the job, including any knowledge, skills, attitudes, personality traits, or other attributes that are required or recommended for the job. If you can locate a job description for the job, include it in your discussion.

Next, discuss at least 2 types of measurements that may be used to assess individuals for this job. For each one, identify the type of assessment, what it measures, how it is utilized, how it is administered, and how it relates specifically to the chosen job. In addition, critique the reliability and validity of these measurements, as well as the ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of each assessment selected.

Paper should be 4 pages long (excluding title and references pages) and include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and references page.

APA formatting should be used for the paper. Utilize at least 2 recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles as references for this paper, which should be cited accordingly.

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