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Assignment Questions

An Essay on Diabetes

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The instructions :

?This is a formal academic writing task and must be structured as such. You need to provide an introduction and conclusion, as well as responses to the all of the questions. You can use sub-headings to achieve this if you wish.
?This assignement must include at least 8 references from reputable sources (print or web based) other than your texts. Which is
?(Medical-surgical Nursing for Lemon ,Burke,Dwyer at al )
-You must reference all materials correctly according to the APA style and from 2008 until now
-You must focus on the marking criteria when you are writing the essay
-Use the outline which attached to you as a guide.
-Use the case study as an example
-No personal language
– You must talk about statistics for diabetes in Australia, but without being put graphics, so you can explain and put the resource of statistics

The question :

Diabetes Assignment

Word limit 2000-2500 words

Josh is a 9-year-old aboriginal boy who lives with his parents, two siblings and his grandmother (who is NIDDM). Over the last month Josh?s mother has noticed that he has become increasingly unwell. Josh has been constantly thirsty and often hungry. He has been passing urine frequently, getting up to the toilet 2-3 times per night. Josh has had 2 episodes of abdominal pain. Josh?s mother reports he seems tired most of the time.

A BGL and urinalysis indicate BGL-20mmol/L and the U/A shows large glucose and trace ketones. Insulin was administered in the ED and an IV cannula inserted. Josh has been admitted to hospital for stabilisation and management of Diabetes.

1.Outline the incidence/ prevalence and main causes of Diabetes in Australia.

2.Discuss the following statement:
The disease processes of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have some similarities but also some important differences. Compare and contrast these two conditions.

3.Explain the relationship between Type 2 diabetes and one resulting chronic condition. Explain the pathophysiological changes that occur and that result in the development of the chronic condition.

4.The management of diabetes includes significant changes in an individual?s life. For example:
? Diet modifications,
? Medication management,
? Life style changes
Explain and discuss two of these changes and include the education the patient should receive regarding these changes. Relate your answer to either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes-not both

Finally, I will send the marking criteria to support team please read it before starting

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