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An Essay on The movie World Trade Center with Nicholas Cage

Topic: The movie World Trade Center with Nicholas Cage

Thesis: The movie World Trade Center isn’t what you think it would be about. It isn’t about tragedy and terrorism but about life and the importance of it. It is a shame that people only realize how precious life is when a horrific event occurs. ……(something close to this. This is the thought or angle I thought would work anyway).

This is a Documented Essay. I have to do it on World Trade Center (film). Must be analytical and/or interpretive. And the bulk of the essay must be your/mine analysis or your/mine interpretation. Must be using published sources sometimes to back up what you have to say. This essay will also make use of what some authorities on the topic have had to say (movie critics but must be somewhat reputable). Or, to put it another way, writing an essay with an informed opinion. The basic idea is to write an essay that acknowledges that other thinkers have also written about your topic and you have taken into consideration what they have had to say. I’ve found a few reviews of worth on internet databases so there may be enough to get at least 4.
Source must be considered of high quality in the academic world. General-interest magazines like Time and Newsweek do not generally fall into that category

At other times you may be citing sources because you strongly disagree with what they say. In either case, most of your essay (and its argument) will be what you have conceived and what you have expressed through forceful writing.

They told us to think about this when we got our topic: Suppose you have decided to write an essay on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Your next step is to decide what aspect of the movie you want to write on. Under no circumstances do you want to simply retell the storyline. Remember that the essay must be analytical and/or interpretive. Thus, you might decide to write an essay on whether the movie is anti-Semitic or is not anti-Semitic. You now have a single aspect of the movie that you will deal with in your essay. And what’s your thesis? It could well be “The Passion of the Christ is an anti-Semitic movie” or “The Passion of the Christ is not an anti-Semitic movie.”

I have some sources of my own that I will add in, etc. I just need help on the basic layout, body. Need a pretty good paper that I can just add a few things here and there.

Must include a Works Cited page as the final page

Must use MLA system of documentation

12 pitch, double space

AAAAAahhhh. I think that is it. Please let me know ASAP so I know to go with this other place or proceed on my own. Thank you


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