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Assignment Questions

An Overview of Tyco International

Tyco International

? List of the key player(s) and their position in the firm
? Charges (counts)
? What is/was the defense strategy (if any) for the key player(s)
? Estimated $ amount of the fraud
? Current status of the company
? Detailed explanation of the what the key player?s alleged fraud encompassed
? Provide a detailed explanation of the Act, in particular, Section 404
? How do you feel the implementation of the Act is affecting publicly traded companies today?

You paper needs to be word processed, double spaced and should be a minimum of 8-10 pages. The point of the paper is to educate you. Feel free to expand your answers and provide insight/comments outside of what is required.

You are also required to provide a brief (5 Minute) Executive Summary to the class in the form of a presentation.

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