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Assignment Questions

An Understanding of the Natural Water Processes of Florida

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Demonstrate through writing an understanding of th natural water processes of Florida its significance in sustaining and developing human society, and the impact of human development on the water supply.

Minimum of 5 pages maximum of 8 pages

MLA citation style.

At least one newspaper article.

At least two magazine articles.

At least two governmental-entity resources.

At least two authoritative texts no older than 10 years.

At least one pamphlet.

At least three web sites.

Works cited

Bibliography of works consulted or pages visited.

Somewhere in the paper define the terms Aquifer, Karst Terrane, Sinkhole, Recharge Zone.

Begin the paper talking about hydrologic cycle and provide a full rendering of the cycle.

Answer the following questions in the paper.

Why is water a renewable resource?

What is a disappearing stream?

How does rainfall enter the aquifer?

How is the aquifer recharged?

What is the population density of Florida?

How much population growth has Florida undergone in the last forty years?

How are sinkholes created?

How can individuals conserve the natural water supply?

What steps can be taken to reduce water consumption?

What is the significance of reclamation water?

How do wastewater treatment facilities reclaim water?

What is the geologic composition of the underlying bedrock of Florida?

What animal is responsible for the geologic composition of Florida?

How Does human activity affect water quality?

Topics need to include

the Hydrologic Cycle (start here!!!)

Aquifers, Floridan, Surfical, Biscayne, Sand and Gravel Confined, Unconfined.

Karst Topography

Sinkholes and Disappearing streams

Wastewater treatment

Water conservation

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