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Assignment Questions

Analysis of President Obama’s Health Care Plan

Final Paper:

* An Analysis of President Obama’s Health Care Plan
* Write an eight (8) to ten (10) page paper using APA format that provides an analysis of President Obama’s proposed health care reform plan. Include in your analysis the following:
o A description of the major features of the proposed health care reform plan, including how the plan will be funded
o An objective analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed plan in relation to the following factors:
o The degree to which the plan will increase access to health care for various segments of the population
o The extent to which the proposed plan will affect cost relative to the consumer, the taxpayer, the insurance companies, government, and other payers
o The impact of the plan on the quality of care delivered
o Unintended consequences (e.g. health care rationing)
o An analysis of the potential response of the three stakeholders listed below. Analysis should address the subgroups within each stakeholder group (examples are given):
o Health care providers: subgroups include groups such as physicians, hospitals, HMO’s, etc.
o Health care consumers: insured, uninsured
o Current health care payers: employers, insurance companies, etc.
o A summary of the paper that articulates your position relative to the proposed plan. Explain why you support or oppose the plan.

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