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Assignment Questions

Analysis of the Character of Gabriel as an Inhabitant of the Modern Wasteland

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, write a well-developed and well-supported essay analyzing the character of Gabriel as an inhabitant of the modern wasteland as it is depicted in James Joyce’s short story: “The Dead.” You may want to use portions of Eliot’s poem The Wasteland (Part I) to establish some basic characteristics. Note especially the following themes in the story as they affect Gabriel: the failure of communication, the failure of religion, and the failure of personal relationships. What does Gabriel’s epiphany at the end of the story suggest?

The essay should include a strong Focused THESIS STATEMENT and needs to be underlined in the essay.

Here’s the Link for James Joyce “The Dead”:


Here’s the link for T.S. Eliot Poem “The Waste Land” Use only Part I “THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD”


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