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Assignment Questions

Analysis of the Vietnam War

“Each of us carried in his heart a separate war which in many ways was totally different, despite our common cause. We had different memories of people we’d known and of the war itself…. Our only postwar similarities stemmed from the fact that everyone had experienced difficult, painful and different fates… But we also shared a common sorrow, the immense sorrow of war

Pick three of the authors we have read ( Philip Caputo “A Rumor of War, Ron Kovic “Born on the Fourth of July”, Bao Ninh “The Sorrow of War“, Dang Thuy Tram “Last Night I Dreamed of Peace”, Mary Reynolds “A World of Hurt- Between Innocence and Arrogance in Vietnam“) In what respects do they share “a common sorrow”, and in what respects (if any) did they experience “a seperate war?” How does this story fit with the others? And To what extent, do these individual experiences enable us to form an overall picture of the Vietnam War? Explain.

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