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Assignment Questions

Analyzing Arguments From Scriptures

The following is an except from my textbook
The argument from scripture:

the most religious have been revered body of the written materials (scriptures). These serve
many functions. They codify the particular religious beliefs of the group. They often contain
important historical information prophecies, descriptions of rites and ceremonies, prayers, and
other information relevant to the religions. In the JEWISH tradition the scripture include the
writings Christian call the old testament, as well as copious commentaries on them, the Christian
scripture are called he bible. The Islamic scriptures are called the Koran.

There are different ways to frame the argument from scripture, one version is quite straight
foward as illustrated with respect tot he Christian bible.

Argument from scripture

premise 1. bible says god exists.
Premise 2. the bible has no errors.
2a. God protects the bible form being in error.
conclusion: therefore god exist.

The objections to the argument from scripture
1. the non believer would first of all claim that premise 2 is, in fact, quite mistaken. The bible is
a very interesting set of ancient writings. It after contains accurate historical and geographical
information as well as more piously relate religious writings. However, an unbiased reading also
reveals numerous factual mistakes, confusions, contradictions, and unsavory stories. There are
mistakes concerning pales names, historical events ans incorrect customs of the time. Not all of
theses errors are crucial with regard to the authors? religious intentions, but they are manifest
errors nonetheless.
Some serious apparent errors and contractions in the bible include the following:

there are also 2 different and contradictory stories describing the birth of Jesus in the gospels of
Matthew and Luke;

there are serious contradictory reports among the gospels and other books of the new testament
about eh resurrection story of Jesus;

the word ?virgin? as in the virgin Mary and the virgin birth of Jesus is a mistranslation

there are at least two different and contradictory creation stories in Genesis.

there are also stories recounting divinely sanctioned activities which seem unsavory and
unworthy of a being who is claimed to be all-good, which is to say kind merciful and loving. For
example, the number of occasions the bible says that god commands genocide.

2. In addition, the non believer could also point out that the argument from scripture commits a
fallacy of begging the question or, as it is sometime called, arguing in a circle as illustrated

premise 1. bible says god exists.
Premise 2. the bible has no errors.
2a. God protects the bible form being in error.
conclusion: therefore god exist.
note: the premise 2a cannot be used because God in this premise because his existence if the
conclusion of argument which hasn?t yet been proven.

In some he non believer holds that there is nothing remarkable or suggestive of a Devine, rather
than human, origin of the judeo-Christian scripture. Therefore even other scriptures would
contain the kinds of blemishes that one would expect to find in any ancient writings with
multiple authors and editors composed of the course of a thousand years, there is no significant
evidence in any of it of the intervention of any Devine personage.

The paper instruction is prove the argument from scripture is false and this does not prove god
Paragraph 1: should state the introduction
paragraph 2: explain the premises and conclusion of the argument
paragraph 3:explain wether the argument is sound or not (like proving an idea through logic)
paragraph 4: expalin the most plausible objections that someone who rejects your evaluation in
paragraph 3 could raise against your evalutaion. Also explain why these objections are
paragraph5: state the conclusion.

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