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Assignment Questions

Answering Planet Questions

Answer each question in one developed paragraph (5-10 sentences). No double spaces.

using smaller fonts and without applying double spaces and new line between each paragraph so 8 answers fit into 2 pages.

This is not a essay, just answer to questions.

1. describe how Adam and Eve’s punishment for eating the apple in Genesis relates to any of the myths we read this semester? (Metamorphoses, Theogony)

2. Hesiod repeatedly refers to Zeus as the best of the Olympians. what did he do that distinguishes him from his predecessors, Kronos and Uranus?

3. what are three of the major threats against Odysseus’ homecoming?

4. describe a scene in which the problem of sight vs insight is paramount in the Odyssey.

5. how is the poet’s relationship to the muses different in Ovid’s Metaphorses than in Hesiod’s Theogony or Homer’s Odyssey?

6. how does the tone of Ovid’s Metamorphoses differ from the Greek mythology (Theogony, Odyssey) we read and what does that say about Ovid’s relationship to these religious stories?

7. in what ways is Christopher Columbus similar to Odysseus?

8. describe William Carlos Williams’ project in In The American Grain.

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