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Assignment Questions

Answering Questions Concerning the History of a Woman

This is short answer assignment. So please answer those 13 questions in 1-2 paragraph length, based on powepoint slides I’m sending and your researh. You can use as many resources as you can and your knowledge, other than just slides info I’m sending. I will also send the exact form of the questions that include some pictures. (you need to use that form to answer the questions.) In addition, I will send an example of the answer from question 1 to 5, so you can see how you can answer.
Please do not include questions and pictures in the paper.
Thank you!!

1. (5 pts) Political developments in the early Republic created opportunities for women to participate in public political culture. Describe one of the ways in which women took an active role in political activities of the 1790s.

2. (6 pts) Industrial development in the early 19th century created new work opportunities for women. Describe this new type of new work performed by women.
What aspects/circumstances of this new work attracted women?

3. (8 pts) If the late 18th century ideal role for women was embodied in the concept of Republican Motherhood, the early 19th century ideal was True Womanhood. What was this concept? How did it differ from Republican Motherhood?

4. (8 pts) There is a lot going on in the picture below. Explain how it illustrates assumptions about women’s roles and activities as well as reality of women’s lives in the early 19th century. Be sure to discuss class as well as gender. [It is tiny, I know. But this image is in the textbook & on powerpoint]

5. (6 pts) What practices in utopian communities, such as Brook Farm or the North American Phalanx, might have appealed to women?

6. (8 pts) The Oneida Community strove to be “perfectionist” in its practices. What were some of these practices and how did they affect women’s roles and women’s opportunities?

7. (4pts) What was the connection between the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840 and the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention in 1848?

8. (6 pts) What is the Declaration of Sentiments? What is it modeled after? Why?

9. ( 10 pts) What would you be likely to think of the Married Woman’s Property Act if, in the mid-19th century, you are: 1.a clergyman 2. a well-to-do man with daughters 3. an impoverished working woman with an unemployed, alcoholic husband

10. (10 pts) Paulina Wright Davis and Mary Gove Nichols both championed reform in women’s health practices. What were their contributions, and what attitudes did they try to change?

11. (6 pts) Women believed they had a crucial interest in temperance reform. How does this image illustrate this belief?

12. (8 pts) Where was the image below published? Who was its intended audience? What is its meaning?

13. (10 pts) Does Capitola, the protagonist of Southworth’s novel, embody elements of 19th century True Womanhood? If so, does she accomplish goals of True Womanhood by alternative means? Does she undermine this concept? Or perhaps a little bit of both?

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