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Assignment Questions

Answering Questions on Venture Capital

Please write each question above each answer:

1. How firm raise capital by using venture capital? What conditions we need to raise capital by using venture capital?
2. What is venture capital, and what types of firms receive it?

3. What is the risk from using venture capital for both firms and investors (or there is no risk)?
4. What is the benefit from using venture capital to raise the firm’s capital for both firms and investors?
5. How we raise firm capital by selling securities to public? How selling securities to public benefits both firm and investors?

6. On which condition that the company use selling securities to public to raise capital?
7. Who sell the securities to public company or investor? Who will gain benefits from selling the securities to public company or investors? Is there any risk for sell the securities to public?
8. When company decides to issue new security they can sell it as public issue or private issue. What conditions that both company and investor benefit from selling these new securities either as public or private
9. There are two kinds of public issues: General cash offer and rights offer. Which of them is better for both company and investors and for raising the firm’s capital?

10. Explain why in term of the initial public offering when the firm’s existing shareholders wanted to buy the shares , the firm’s wouldn’t have to sell them publicly in the first place?

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