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Assignment Questions

Answering Questions on Visual Communication

This is for my finals;I will implement more what says that I have to showcase what I’ve learned in this course.

* Do answer every part of the questions directly and carefully.
* Don’t ignore any part of the questions.

* Do remember to showcase what you have learned from this course, which is one of the purposes of this final.
* Don’t write as if you didn’t learn any of the modules. You were supposed to know better of visual communications than you were before or those who didn’t take the course.

* Be focused. Writing 600-800 words does not mean to write about everything you know about a subject. Make a clear statement and then elaborate on that statement with sound and solid evidence.
* Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It is impossible to address any social issue or the world’s crisis in 800 words. Pick a small aspect of a problem and work on that.

* Do write concisely.
* Don’t simply repeat a statement in dozens of different sentences. Your personal experience, interview with others, and published work are all good sources you can cite to back up your ideas. Thinking through your ideas certainly helps.

* Do use your own language and express your own views.
* Don’t simply copy and paste others’ quotes. Research is important for your essay. But you need to make sense of those quotes and use them for your arguments. An essay should not be like a scrapbook of paper clips.

* Do cite your sources.
* Don’t rely entirely on online sources, especially wikipedia.

* Do edit and proof read your essays.
* Don’t leave any errors or typos. Don’t misuse punctuation marks either.

Here are the questions:

1. Choose ONE of the following questions to answer:

a. People often say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What does this saying mean? Based on what you have learned over this semester, please appropriately assess/compare the values of visuals AND words in storytelling. Find one example and elaborate on how those values can improve journalism.
Please, answer all these questions appropriately.Tks

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