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Assignment Questions

Applied Arguments and Counters

Essay #5: Applied Arguments and Counters 40 points Due July 21

Part 1:

Interview someone that has a green lawn in front of their house or apartment.
Ask them how much it costs to maintain. It will be interesting to see if they know or not.
Ask them if they would be willing to replace the green lawn with a xeriscape of California Native plants or drought tolerant plants
Do they know what a xeriscaped garden is?
If you do not know, watch the PowerPoints in Section 6 now
Ask them if they know or care that we have a water crisis here in Los Angeles.
Find out their main arguments against a xeriscaped garden.

Part 2

Now write your essay.
Apply what you know about arguments now and identify at least three arguments they are using against xeriscaping.
Label these arguments and counter them.
Do not argue with the person you interviewed!
1000 words, include the word count please

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