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Argument Research Essay on the Issue of Wind Turbines

Argument Research Essay

Argue for a specific position (yours) regarding the issue of wind turbines proposed for the
Poor Mountain/Bent Mountain area. Use research to support your argument. Length:
approximately 1,500 words / 4-6 pages (not including Works Cited).
For an essay of this kind, you might find the following arrangement helpful:
? Introduction (1 paragraph). Establish exigence (i.e., ?So what? Who cares??),
identify with audience, state thesis. Get your audience?s attention, perhaps through
the use of an appeal to their emotions (pathos)?make the issue real to them.
? Narration (1-2 paragraphs). Before beginning to argue for your position, if
necessary, give a short background or history of the issue. Make clear what is
happening that requires resolution or rethinking. Introduce readers who might know
very little about the topic to the information they need to know in order to follow
your argument. If necessary, define key terms.
? Partition (1-2 paragraphs). For complex topics, narrow down exactly the issue
you?ll be supporting. Tell your audience what you won?t be focusing on.
? Confirmation (multiple paragraphs, maybe 3-6). This is the ?body? of your
essay. These are the positive arguments (claims) supporting your position (thesis).
Use the common topics to construct your claims, and support them with evidence
and analysis. To help your audience see how these ideas fit together, link them by
using words that signal logical relations.
? Refutation (multiple paragraphs, maybe 2-4). Here is where you confront
arguments opposed to yours. You should have found some of these in the course of
doing your research. This can be a separate section that follows the confirmation, or
you could alternate between confirmation and refutation paragraphs. Either way,
you should show evidence of how your opposition?s arguments are mistaken,
misguided, too limited, or otherwise problematic.
? Conclusion (1 paragraph). Because this is a bit longer of an essay, your audience
might need some reminders of where you?ve taken them in your discussion. You
should: stress your major points, remind readers the stake they have in the debate,
and leave them with a positive impression of your argument

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