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Assignment Questions

Argumentative Essay on Youth Violence

Subject Youth Violence
I have chosen the Open Topic
—————–Instruction —————-
Essay #4 Argument

In this assignment, you will develop a persuasive essay on one of the listed topics. You will only turn in ONE draft of this essay; therefore, you should make use of everything you have learned about writing and revision and make use of it to prepare as final a draft as you can. Your instructor will ment on your outline for ideas if the outline is submitted on time. You will be responsible for revising and editing this paper without ment from your instructor.

Additionally, you will have to do some research on your own for this essay, so you will have to evaluate your resources. (See the MC library tutorial on evaluating resources.) You should use the MC Library Database which is available online to find resources for your essay. You will need to locate and annotate at least 4 possible sources.

Your essay will need to have all the characteristics of an academic essay including an effective thesis statement, focused topic sentences, strong organization, unified paragraphs, properly integrated and cited external sources, and a well-crafted introduction and conclusion. In selecting your topic and developing your ideas, be sure that your argument points to a larger purpose and a specific audience. You should support your essay with well developed discussion that supports your claim.

Unless your instructor has specifically assigned a topic, you should choose one of the following prompts.

1. Diversity: Much of the writing we have looked at this semester has reflected multicultural issues and the perspectives of women. For your argument, choose a particular author who examines diversity or multicultural issues, whom you have read in this course or who interests you, and develop a persuasive paper which analyzes and evaluates the author’s perspective and insights about the world and life and how his or her writing reflects those insights.

In this paper, you will need to look at one or two or more examples of the person’s writing, a biography, and perhaps some scholarly review of the author’s work. You will develop a claim about the author’s work, use examples from the author’s work, his or her biography and possibly some external review to support your claim. You will also want to evaluate the importance of the author’s work. You should consider how this author’s work enriches and deepens our understanding of ourselves and others. Some example claims might be:

In addition to its power and beauty, the writing of Langston Hughes offers many insights into his experience as a minority in America.
Bruce Catton’s historical writing opens a discussion of the origins of cultural division in the US.
You should use your text and the Literature Resource Center to find resources for this assignment. You might want to revisit optional biography resources offered in the Unit 2 essay prompt to gather some information about authors.

2. Important Reading: In this essay, you will go back over the essays we have read for this course. Choose one of the essays which you think is particularly powerful or important for students in EN 101 to read. Then develop a persuasive explanation for why that essay should be included in the course.

Alternatively, you might choose a reading that is not currently included in the course and argue for why it should be included.

There are many different reasons you might explore for why an essay should be (or should not be) included in the course including format and quality of writing, ideas presented by the essay, importance of the author or what students will learn from reading this essay.

In this essay, you will need to analyze and evaluate the reading to support your claim that it should be included in the course; you should probably clearly identify how students will benefit from reading the essay you select. You may want to specify learning goals a student will gain from the essay. You may want to use the course outes and reader responses or discussions from this class to support your claim. You may want to use the discussions on the course site, the Literature Resource Center and your text as resources for this essay.

3. Juvenile Justice: In this unit, we have looked at several arguments about the Juvenile Justice system in America. In this essay, you will make a claim about the American Juvenile Justice system and then you will develop persuasive essay to support your claim. You can use the arguments listed in your text as resources. You should also use the MC Library Database to find additional sources. You may want to use the Opposing Viewpoints, CQ Researcher, and CQ Weekly from the MC Library Database to find additional sources.

4. Open Topic: You have written three essays, 2 reader responses and discussions of readings; you have read a variety of professional essays. For this essay, you can choose any topic which is suggested by any of the previous assignments, readings, reader’s responses or discussions or by the other casebooks in Chapter 12 of Patterns For a Purpose. In choosing your topic, you must make sure that you develop a persuasive essay using the characteristics of argument.

Once you have selected your topic, you should use Patterns for a Purpose and the MC Library Database to find your sources. You may want to use the Opposing Viewpoints, CQ Researcher, and CQ Weekly from the MC Library Database to find sources for your chosen topic. Additionally, you may find some of the other databases useful depending on your topic.

NOTE: When working with the offered databases, you may decide to consider suggestions on how to use Literature Resource Center and how to use Opposing Viewpoints.

Once you have chosen your topic, you should locate and evaluate your resources, and then develop an annotated working bibliography.. (See Assignment 4.2.) You should read your resources and develop a working thesis (a claim) for your essay. Then you should develop a formal, sentence level outline. Be sure to include your working thesis and topic sentences. (See pages 17-18 of Rules for Writers for more instructions for a formal outline.) Your outline should reflect the points you want to make to support your claim and the evidence you will use to develop your essay. Your instructor will ment on your outline. This is the only feedback you will get before submitting your final draft of Essay #4. Your outline should be saved as lastnameE4outline.

Once you have developed your annotated working bibliography and formal outline, you should review the expectations for essay #4 and then write your first draft. When you get ments on your outline, you should go back to your 1st draft and revise it. You may also want to have someone else look at your paper to give you reader feedback.

Essay Guidelines

Submit a formal outline of your essay for ment by Sunday, week 12.
Your final essay should be 4-5 pages long.
You must use a minimum of 4 effectively integrated and properly cited quotes or paraphrases to support your ideas; you should use as many quotes or paraphrases as you need to support your ideas. Quotes and paraphrases should supplement or support your ideas.
You should include a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page.
It should have a clear, effective persuasive thesis and clear topic sentences which identify your points.
It should include relevant and specific supporting evidence/ideas/example.
It should use an effective organization method and effective development.
It should be typed using a standard 12 point font. It should be double-spaced with margins no bigger than 1 inch. (These are standard settings in Microsoft Word.)
You should carefully review the strategies for writing arguments. (See pages 555-573 in Patterns for a Purpose.)
Be sure to include your name on your essay.
You should name your document e4lastnameFD for the final draft.
You will submit a formal outline, an annotated bibliography, and final draft of this essay.
You may also want to review the guidelines for submitting assignments on the course orientation page before submitting your essay.

Please make sure to include the following tow sources to the essay,and you may add 4 more to them, so the total of 6.
Timothy Roche and Amanda Bower. ?Young Voices From The Cell?
Linda J. Collier.”Adult Crime Adult Time”
This is the URL add of the MC Library:
if you could find anything useful for this article you are more than wele to use them.
The essay should have the Word Cited as well as the “Annotated Bibliography”
Looking forward to send you more.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at

Annotated Bibliography is very important for this essay.
Make sure the working thesis revolves around the following :
Youth violence has bee a serious challenge in today?s world . There are many different factors that could contribute to this problem.
Poor parenting, media, internet, parents divorce, are some of the major causes of this phenomenon.

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