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Arizona over use of natural resources and the shortage of waters

5 page term paper
Nature and values: Arizona’s Water shortage– What values might be emerging that could lead to a change? Or how have values changed that have lead to this shortage? Main idea behind this term paper is nature and values how we value our natural resources and what changes in the values of the people in Arizona have lead to this over use of waterwhich has not caused a problem. What measures need to be taken to correct this problem and bring the focus of nature and protecting natural resources back into the forefront of Arizonians values.
Term paper INSTRUCTIONS- Organize paragraphs into an argument, with an introductory paragraph organized around a clear thesis statement, supporting arguments in the body of paper, and a genuine conclusion (i.e., a statement that is more than a summary).

Arizona – Land and Water an Intertwining Issue
It is no secret that the Southwest is largely a desert, so it is not uncommon for the land to be dry and parched. However, recent developments have shown Arizona will be facing several serious water management challenges throughout the next three decades. Land use planning and conservation are ways to help alleviate this, but they must begin now if the relentless drought and low precipitation that have been occurring are to be adjusted for. The people who live in that area must have water, but it is running out. Since it is not possible to make more water, what is available must last longer, and as the population grows it must be spread out between more people. Growth and development of Arizona are intertwined with water usage and it is necessary for water users, water managers, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to work together to control the depletion water resources through the use of conservation measures and proper planning for the land that is left.

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