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Assignment Questions

Art culture

1. NO extras spaces such as spaces between paragraphs or sentences. ONE space after a period only.
2. 12 FULL pages written (no headers, footers, or title…only FULL text)
3. 15 sources (2 primary sources, 8 secondary sources, rest of your choosing) *secondary sources will be given below*
4. MLA format (double spaced, no more, no less) – 12pt font Times New Roman – 1″ margins
5. NO grammar issues please.
6. CRITICAL analyzation paper
7. Correctly CITE
8. Full bibliography page (not included in page count)
9. Quality and in depth discussion points
10. clear organization needed
11. *VERY IMPORTANT* – Required is a 3 page prospectus paper along with the actual paper (3 page prospectus and 12 page final paper). This should include your developed idea for a primary source and have questions and ideas ready to complete the paper. Should also contain 3 secondary sources and a special bibiography page. The bibliography page should summarize each source with 2-3 sentences and explain in 1-2 sentences the explanation the source’s relevance to paper. Note this is not taking away from the 12 page requirement I need. This is basically so I could see your idea for the final paper beforehand. It is mandatory that I receive this by February 16, 2013. The final paper itself would be due a week after that.


Critical analysis of public art, which does include art such as graffitti or street drawn art, and public space art (your choice). Reflect on themes such as democracy, the “public, including the public sphere, styles of public art, ideologies, discourse, and privatization, etc.

You are to choose and analyze a art piece from the public, artist or genre, or write about a public place that is local.

secondary sources (*choose 6 + 2 of your own sources*):

location public space – Zachary Neal
the public sphere – jurgen habermas
the paradox of public art – caroline levine
art history: the key concepts
public art controversy – erika doss
how to look at billboards – howard gossage
the harsh reality – timothy drescher
whose culture whose city – sharon zukin

Example questions to be thought of when writing (these are NOT the topics…just questions to help you write more details after you choose a primary area of focus):

Who made the art pieces and what are the titles of it
What are the social claims and goals of the art pieces?
Cost? How was it funded?
How does their placement work and is it meaningful?
Who decides if these works are good or bad pieces of art?
Why do you consider your choice a public area of space?
Who is using this space? why/how?
How is it set up to be conducive to the public usage?
What types of responses, attitudes, and behaviors does it sow?
Does this space work well or poorly? how/why?
Has this space been changed ? how/why?

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