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Assignment Questions

Article on Your Favourite Vacation

You must have gone somewhere in your life.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Write two pages telling me about this paradise. Hey, it may just be the park across the street. One person’s paradise is another person’s nightmare. I like big cities my wife likes the backwoods. Go figure. I just want to know what you like and why.

After you have written this page I want you to write a separate page identifying the narrative and the descriptive elements of the paper.

Which sentences were narrative and which were descriptive?

How did you relate one to the other?

Can you see any pattern in the ways you used each type of statement?


Be creative in how you identify types of statements.

You may color code or number the draft.

You may write a separate commentary.

Be creative.

Make sure to answer the three questions above

Upload it to coursenet by the end of this module.

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