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Assignment Questions

Asian Culture in America

This is order is for “Cathii”. I will email a Word document with links to the readings for the first book. I will fax copies of the second reading tomorrow. Questions for the research are included below.

Reading material: Asian American Literature and Context –
Lee: “Eat a Bowl of Tea: Fictions of America’s Asia, Fictions of Asia’s America”;
“Sites: Indian Country, Asiatown, Black City , Barrio, Borderland, Migrancy.”

Reading material to be faxed tomorrow: Brown & Ling: “In the Land of the Free,” by Sui Sin Far; “They Won’t Crack It Open,” by Kim Yong Ik; “Silver Pavement, Golden Roofs,” by Chitra Divakaruni; “Japanese Hamlet,” Toshio Mori; and “Gussuk,” by Mei Mei Evans.

3 Questions to consider
1) In one page, examine the motif of blindness in Kim Yong Ik’s “They Won’t Crack It Open”: broadly consider who is blind, who can see clearly, what are they blind to, how do each of the characters demonstrate their blindness. In what ways might a symbolic or metaphorical blindness come into play in the stories read thus far for this course?

2) In Kim Yong Ik’s “They Won’t Crack It Open” and Chitra Divakaruni‘s “Silver Pavement, Golden Streets,” we have two accounts of the imagined America and the reality of America. In one page, discuss how the authors slowly build toward disillusionment, and how you relate both to the characters’ disillusion and the American circumstances that cause it.

3) In one page, analyze the numerous ethnic/racial/gender-based terminology introduced in Evans’s story about Lucy’s encounter with native Alaskans. What role does this terminology play in the story? How is Lucy’s sense of identity affected by them? Ultimately, what ironies is Evans attempting to highlight through her use of these terms, and through her depiction of Lucy’s various encounters with Alaskans?

There are faxes for this order.

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