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Assignment Questions

Aunthetic Leadership of Warren Buffett

Chose a leader, present or past whom you think is an authentic leader: – Research about that leader- Reflect on the facts- Write about their core values in a critical way.- What worked and didn’t work in their life- What did you learn about that authentic leader

I was wondering if you can write about Warren Buffett, because that is the leader of my choice. Also please make sure that you quote every source you use.

I need the paper to be APA format with a bibliography. I have to add more pages so I can go ahead and complete the conclusion.

Ultimately, I want my papers writing style to match my other paper that is being written by Bolvans right now, so if possible I would like him/her to write it or just anyone that has pretty much the same writing style.

If there are any questions or if something is not clear, please feel free to contact me for details.

Thanks a million,

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