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Assignment Questions

Banning Cell Phones in Cars

Paper Topic: Banning Cell Phones in Cars

Define the topic according to the following criteria:
What is its history?

Are there certain groups of people who have embraced it or who participate in this activity/Is there a culture attached to it?

What facts/information can you offer to help people understand the subject?

Is the subject controversial? What are the issues for and against the issue?

Can you offer a conclusion/solution to the issue or do you agree with what is being done?

Discuss the topic in terms of the larger culture of “America.” Does the texts/sources and topic represent certain values or beliefs of mainstream American culture or does it speak against those values?

Write a 5-6 page essay that analyzes the topic your group has selected. If you prefer to write on a different topic, please let me know ASAP. However, it is much easier to write on the one you research and you are free to use your group members’ information and sources in your essay.

Incorporate a minimum of five articles/outside sources in your essay.

Provide a bibliography or works cited page that includes the articles you directly use in your own essay.

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