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Assignment Questions

Baudrillard’s concepts of Simulation

Given that you have: 1) read the Simulation module in Etudes, 2) watched The Matrix and The Truman Show, 3) Downloaded and read the assigned chapters/sections of Simulacra & Simulation, the assignment is to:

Write an analysis of The Matrix and The Truman Show, applying Baudrillard’s concepts of Simulation, Simulacra, the Real and the Hyperreal. The best references to use are necessarily from Simulacra & Simulation, because he uses these terms very specifically and somewhat differently than common usage. The dictionary or the web are very likely to lead you astray. Be aware also that a film is not in itself a simulation. Pretending is not simulating. These two films may be about simulation or deal with the idea of simulation in your estimation, but they aren’t simulations themselves. Your analysis should be at least 500 words. Be careful about spelling, punctuation and grammar. They matter.
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