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Assignment Questions

Best Practices in Workplace Communication

You will present a 4-5 page position paper, responding to the question:
Best practices in workplace communication: What is the most important skill of effective communicators?
Webster Dictionary defines argument as a statement leading from a premise to a conclusion. A premise is a supporting statement, containing facts that support the conclusion. A conclusion is the supported statement, that is, one can accept it as true on the basis of the premises that support it. Premises cannot be opinions; they must be acceptable and relevant facts that supply us with information to support the conclusion. You should use at least 3 scholarly sources in presenting your premises to support your conclusion.
Present an argument in which you identify the most important skill necessary for being an effective communicator in the workplace. Maybe it is listening? Maybe it is making a presentation? Maybe it is persuasive writing? Maybe it is another skill? Of all the skills needed to communicate effectively in the workplace, choose one and present an argument as to why it is the most important.
To marshal evidence for your argument, use your textbook and other class readings, class discussions, scholarly journals, and also your own workplace experience.
To find sources in the UMUC Library to cite in your paper, use a variety of databases:
? UMUC Library OneSearch, on the Library homepage: http://www.umuc.edu/library/index.cfm
o (note: If you use UMUC Library OneSearch, you will need to evaluate carefully what you find, as you will be searching a variety of databases, some of which will be unrelated to your topic area.)
? Choose databases from the ?Communication Databases? box in the Library?s Communication Subject Guide: http://libguides.umuc.edu/content.php?pid=10981&sid=82921
Try searches like these:
? communication AND (workplace OR organizations) AND “best practices”
? communication AND (workplace OR organizations)
? communication skills AND (workplace OR business OR organizations)
Also try keywords based on the most important skill you choose, for example:
? communication skills AND presentations
? communication AND writing AND (workplace OR business)
Remember, you will not find an article that tells you what the most important communication skill is?there probably is no such article. But you can find articles about communication skills, and you can use ideas and facts from those articles as evidence in your paper.

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