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Assignment Questions

Biology and the X Ray Concept

I am just needing these questions answered:

1. In adults, over 90% of all cancers are either adenomas (adenocarcinomas)) or carcinomas, including cancers of the skin, lung, colon, breast, and prostate. Which one of the four basic tissue types gives rise to most cancers? Give two reasons why this tissue is more likely to produce cancerous cells.

2. Brittany and Joshua are physically normal but they have a daughter with galactosemia, an autosomal recessive disease. The daughter is homozygous recessive. What are Mary and Joe’s genotypes?

3. In recent years more mothers are breast-feeding their babies. At the same time, mothers have been protecting the skin of babies from sunlight, to reduce UV exposure. A side effect of this protection has been weak bones and other symptoms of rickets in breast-fed babies.
a. Mothers who are breast-feeding are told to give the babies Vitamin D, and to encourage young children to play outside. Why? ?The answer does not involve obesity.
b. In some cases, being outside may not generate enough Vitamin D ? describe one condition/situation where an individual (child or adult) would still require Vitamin D supplements even though they were outside for an hour or more each day.

4. Jennifer was 17 years old and very short for her age (<5th percentile). The doctors determined that her body was not producing enough growth hormone. Prior to beginning growth hormone therapy, they ordered X rays. The X rays showed that her epiphyseal plates were completely ossified, and the doctors cancelled the hormone therapy, telling Jennifer it would not help her. Why did they decide it would not help Jennifer?

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