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Assignment Questions

Canadian Human Rights and Civil Liberties

The Assignment:
Explain the distinction between “substantive” and “procedural” due process. How has this distinction manifested itself in Canada under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Why is section 7 arguably the most important legal right in the Canadian Charter of Rightsand Freedoms?
aprox. 1 quotation per paragraph
no more than 2 parenthetical citations per paragraph
no footnotes
1200 words max.
Suggested references:

1)Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
2)R v. Mogentaler [1988] 1 S.C.R.30

In-paper reference for research material I will be sending via fax (I will fill in the information in full on the reference page):
1) MacAlister, David (2008)
2) Sharpe & Roach (2003)
There are faxes for this order.

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