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Assignment Questions

Cardinal Health

Cardinal health is my company :

In this SLP, your assignment is to examine the elements related to the promotion in your branded product’s marketing strategy.
For information regarding the promotional activities of your product, find what you can from places where you know your product is being promoted (retail stores, magazines, TV shows, etc.) as well as the product’s website.
For example, if you
search “Alpo + Commercial” you get directed to some YouTube ads.
search “Alpo + press release” you’ll get a sense of the publicity received by that product.
Go to Facebook or Twitter, you can see if the company has a presence.
Google for articles about your product in the trade press.
Now get creative.
Describe the kind of promotion you would expect to see for your product and (most important) WHY you would expect to see this promotion.
Do you believe these promotional strategies are appropriate to the target market and position of the company that makes your product? Why or why not?
Critique the role of online marketing for your brand.
You may use the following outlines to organize your SLP3.
1. Advertising
a. Target(s)
b. Creative Themes
c. Media
2. Role of internet/mobile marketing efforts
3. Personal selling
4. Publicity
5. Other Promotional Efforts ? Pricing, Coupons, Contests, etc.

Expectations with regard to references and defending your position on the financial future for your Branded Product.
Use the appropriate keywords in the outline shown above as headings and place the facts you find about your branded product under the appropriate headings (that is, in the appropriate sections). Please use double space, Verdana or Times Roman font type, black font color only, with 12 pt font size.
Explain clearly and logically how the facts you find about your branded product and use the required readings to support your positions on the issues. Do not repeat or quote definitions. Your use of the required readings to support your opinions (that is, contentions or positions) should demonstrate that you understand the concepts presented in those required readings.
Paraphrase the facts you find into your own words and ideas. In other words, use quotes sparingly. And, as a rule of thumb, quotes, if absolutely necessary, should be no longer than 5 words.
When writing an academically-oriented paper of this type, it is understood that much of the information you uncover will be facts about the branded product. Even if you paraphrase those facts, you should cite in your text the source for those facts and link those citations to references at the end of your paper. If, in your SLP, you refer to information obtained from talking with an owner/manager, you should cite what that manager tells you.

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