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Assignment Questions

Career Choices

Lesson 3: Assessing Your Skills, Values, and Interests
Assignment 1: The FOCUS Assessment

Write a 1 page response paper that addresses the following questions:
• What top career choices were identified for you?
Employment interviewer, admissions counselor, business manager, marketing, and communication studies
• Did the assessment reveal new information about you?
• How will you use this information in your career search and planning process?

Assignment 2: The StrengthsQuest Assessment
Write 1 page over the following question:
What are your five top themes?
Achiever, Maximize, Positive, strategic, developer
• How does this information help you understand your unique talents?
• How will you apply this knowledge to your career plan?

Assignment 3: Planning Your Career Path
After completing the StrengthsQuest and FOCUS assessment assignments, write a 1-2 page paper that addresses the following questions:
• What career path do you plan to pursue, and what skills are required?
Anything in the marketing and healthcare field
• Based on the assessments, which of the required skills do you already possess? Which skills do you need to develop? Explain, at minimum, two skills that you need to develop and two skills you already possess.
• For each skill that needs to be developed, create and write out a plan for improving that skill. Be sure to identify which forms of learning your will use to improve the skills
Answer the questions above in a professional manner and with commonsense. If you have any questions you can email. Also all this should be in your own words. No sources.
Thanks so much!

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