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Assignment Questions

Career Reserach Presentation

Use the attached format below to submit your career researchpresentation (import into a MS Word file to complete)
Your research presentation must be:
a minimum of 3 to 5 pages, reference page is separate

12 inch font

double-spaced throughout the paper

proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling

at least 3 different sources used and cited with links included in references

paper content must be in your words – do not cut and paste from sources

use full sentences and paragraphs (like a term paper) – no bullet statements

Points will be deducted if the above guidelines are not followed.
You are encouraged to use the internet for all your research, however, you must include the designated bibliography page which lists the sources of all your information (i.e., I have included a bib/reference page in the format document linked below as part of your presentation. You must have the exact webpage link for all your work – I check website links!!!)
PLEASE NOTE: If you turn in a paper that is not written in your words, wherein the content is cut and pasted from other sources without using quotation marks, your paper will be considered a work of plagerism. As such, your paper will receive an automatic “F” according to CTC plagerism policies. You may use the exact words of your sources if the majority of your paper does not consist of quotes and only if you include quotation marks around your source’s words. (hint: quotes from sources are usually only used as points of emphasis or for providing specific information) .
How to get started:

Central Texas College main campus has a neat career planning and placement department. I stopped in and they gave me the following career research links to pass on to you:
CTC Career Center Services: http://ctc.tcob1.com (try this one first – you will have to create an account and once you have your ID and password, you can click on “job search” (tab at the top of the screen), type in your career choice, and you are on your way to lots of great information! You will notice the site also has other helpful features, such as how to write a resume and cover letter as well as a data bank of available jobs.
Another potential search site is: http://usa.cx.bridges.com (you will need to click the student button and use the following information:
User: 0003353

Pass: weaklye

This site has links and a neat personality assessment test.

If you can’t find out what you need from the previous sites, you can try these: (I found these in a current career reference book).
http://www.salary.com http://www.flipdog.com/

http://www.teachersplanet.com/ http://www.aftercollege.com/

http://www.sportsemployment.com/ http://www.hotjobs.com


If the links I have included above do not help you, you can always do a search on Google or one of the other search engines. To keep from getting so many hits, you can add a “+” sign between each word (ex: “physical+education+teacher).

Send your career presentation/project to me via email attachment.

Central Texas College
Career Research Presentation
_____(enter date on this line)____

Name:____________________________ Career:___________________________

Job description:

Resources and things you would be working with (people, equipment, other resources):

Place(s) you would be working in:

Educational requirement(s):

Job growth potential:

Opportunities for advancement:

Anticipated salary (include source):

Likes/dislikes or advantages/disadvantages:

Please share with the class why you selected this career (elaborate as much as possible):

(This should be your last page ? list every internet site you used in your presentation. I check citations so make sure your links are correct and it takes me to the exact page where you got your information. Make sure to delete this warning before you submit)

Bibliography/ Sources used

For job description:

For resources:

For places:

For education required:

For job growth potential:

For opportunities for advancement:

For anticipated salary:

For advantages/disadvantages or likes/dislikes:

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