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Assignment Questions

Case Formulation

Using case vignette (will be provided), select two psychotherapeutic orientations (from readings I will be attaching) and do the following:

1) briefly review the main features of the treatment theory, goals, and specific techniques (be sure to use appropriate citations and include only review that is relevant to the casepresented in the vignette); and
2) apply these perspectives to the vignette.

In the application of each theoretical orientation to the vignette, be sure to state the: 1) case formulation, 2) goals for treatment, and 3) specific strategies or techniques that would be used in the treatment from that particular orientation for that particular client(s).

In the case formulation, be sure to address any mandated reporting/safety issues, the need for outside consultations (such as medical evaluation), sources of information about the client(s) (i.e., who do you want to speak to about the client(s)?), and include the cultural formulation.

The treatment goals and techniques should be specific to the case vignette and should be related to the theory you reviewed in the earlier section of the paper. Be sure to incorporate information about diversity into the case conceptualization and treatment plan.
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