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Case Report Do not do influenza or step throat

blinkjulie – said she would try to get to this
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This is a medical school case report…I need it as a reference and it must be very professional, current and up to date. I need it in English and typed using the ‘new word’ program – if applicable. No grammar mistakes. Please no plagerism. Please very professionalism

I want you to research and Use your imagination and professional writing skills. Research a great case that can be presented in the Family Medicine practice/clinic. Please ‘make up’ a case report using accurate appropriate up-to-date medical data. The paper should paint a picture. Please research doses and appropriate names and times of administration for drugs. Please embellish, fabricate, and elaborate on the story, using a text book researched presentation of any type of disorder, condition, trauma, etc… Note that the patient went into the family medicine clinic first. It has to be a family medicine setting. At the end of the case report it needs to tell of his/her future prognosis, REFERRALS, follow-ups if applicable. The case report story can be improvised and embellished, however this must give accurate first line CURRENT APPROPRIATE medical indications which can be researched and verified on accuracy.

This is another very important part. I need accurate data and very typical presentations of lab study results, image study results, and so forth. The APA format references MUST be where I can easily access and check them for validity if needed.

To help an example would be a 52 year old white female comes into the clinic in March with abdominal pain. She refuses Ct scan of abdomin. SHe visits a few other times. She is treat with anti-spasmodics, treated for C-diff (look up dosing), and maybe one time she comes in and is treated for diverticulosis disease (look up dosing)…symptoms god worse finally CT scan was done and she was eaten up with cancer (lymphoma).

***The case report (almost a research case report) “”MUST”” contain the following components!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Abstract: 250 words or less

2. Case report: Chronological review of case clinical presentation: history and
physical exam, diagnostic studies, treatment and clinical course including:

3. The following questions must be answered in the case report!
What is the differential diagnosis?
What additional laboratory data or investigations would be helpful in arriving at a diagnosis in this patient?

4. Discussion: Detailed discussion of the case being presented including the
clinical and laboratory features of the disorder (including disease course)
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis
Therapeutic options
Final diagnosis

5. Summary or conclusions

6. References APA Style

Case reports should be limited to four type written pages including references

Case Report Grading Rubric:

Case reports represent a detailed case presentation of an interesting patient that you have seen during your clinical training. These reports should be appropriately referenced using APA style and contain the components listed below. Each Case report is worth 30 points towards your rotation grade.

6 Thoroughly covers salient facts of case. Raises issues related to natural history of the disease, diagnostic or management issues that the particular presentation raises
5 Covers salient facts related to case. Misses minor issues related to natural history of the disease, diagnostic or management issues that the particular presentation raises
2 Missing several significant facts related to case. Discussion does not include essential elements related to diagnosis or management essential to demonstrate sound understanding required by clinicians
0 Missing major components of the case

Case Report:
6 Concisely covers essential items of patient history, physical exam, appropriate diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis, and therapeutic plan implemented
5 Covers the majority of essential items in patient history, PE, diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis and therapeutic plan. Missing minor points salient to the current case
2 Missing some essential items in patient history, PE, diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis and therapeutic plan.
0 Missing major components of history, PE, studies, differential diagnosis, or management plan

6 Thorough concise discussion of the salient features of the case including a detailed reporting of the elements of this case that makes it unique, interesting or difficult to diagnose or manage. Uses medical vocabulary appropriately
5 Thorough discussion of case. Either missing minor components or non concise discussion.
2 Discussion missing major components of case. Still demonstrates fair understanding of the salient points.
0 Discussion fails to demonstrate an understanding of the unique nature of this disorder. Medical vocabulary used inappropriately or over-reliance on lay terminology.

6 Concise summary statement that summarizes critical elements of information recorded above.
5 Summary inclusive however could be more concise and clear
2 Summary does not include critical elements of case
0 Summary fails to demonstrate student knowledge of critical elements of case

6 APA format followed. Current resources from reliable sources including journal articles, web resources and current reference texts including ACP medicine online etc
5 Minor deviations from APA style. Resources current and reflect current research.
2 APA format not utilized. Resources dated and do not reflect current resource materials
0 References do not reflect current research.

A case study is a research methodology common in social science. It is based on an in-depth investigation of a single individual, group, or event to explore causation in order to find underlying principles.

Rather than using samples and following a rigid protocol(strict set of rules) to examine limited number of variables, case study methods involve an in-depth, longitudinal(over a long period of time) examination of a single instance or event: a case. They provide a systematic way of looking at events, collecting data, analyzing information, and reporting the results. As a result the researcher may gain a sharpened understanding of why the instance happened as it did, and what might become important to look at more extensively in future research. Case studies lend themselves to both generating and testing hypotheses.

Another suggestion is that case study should be defined as a research strategy, an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context. Case study research means single and multiple case studies, can include quantitative evidence, relies on multiple sources of evidence and benefits from the prior development of theoretical propositions. Case studies should not be confused with qualitative research and they can be based on any mix of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Single-subject research provides the statistical framework for making inferences from quantitative case-study data. This is also supported and well-formulated in “The case study is a research approach, situated between concrete data taking techniques and methodologic paradigms.”

Please do not pick “up this paper/assignment” if it is going to be poorly done or put off to the last 45 minutes of due date to complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for understanding.
If for any reason you are unable to do this for me please refund my money and email me back ASAP.
Any other questions or concerns… please email me or just research and just write what the typical course of action usually is for this disorder (i.e. meds, procedure, and so forth.)

Customer is requesting that (blinkjulie) completes this order.

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