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Assignment Questions

Case study on a 19 year old Caucasian female college student with panic attack


This case study is on a 19 year old caucasian female college student with panic attack

The activity encourages the thought process required for differential diagnosis. You will develop the
case using pathophysiology, differentials, including pertinent positives
and negatives for differentials, physical assessment data, lab or
diagnostic tests to reach diagnosis. The case study should be hypothesis
driven and explain the cognitive thinking involved in the diagnostic
process. Discussion should include:
Case History
– Pathophysiology
– Differential Diagnosis
– Physical Assessment findings/Diagnostic tests
– Evaluation/Education/Health Promotion
Avoid interventions and treatments
The patient’s problem should be clearly identified and all possible choices
listed in the differential diagnosis for analysis. Supporting data should be used to
evaluate the hypothesis. Clinical reasoning and hypothesis refinement should be
I am will be attaching a case study rubric to follow, a template to follow, and the actual start of the case.

Thank you so much
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