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Assignment Questions

Case Study on A Problem

Case Studies

Your analysis should demonstrate an understanding of the central problem, identify relevant factors contributing to the problem, provide application of HR theories relevant in the case, and suggest recommendations for problem resolution.

Areas should be concentrated on when writing an analysis of these studies are the following:
Case Studies

1. Defining the central problem (5 points) : Provide a summary statement to demonstrate an understanding of the problem being presented. Summary statements are typically 4-6 sentences or at least the first paragraph.

2. Identify the relevant factor(s) and explain why they are important to the case (5 points): It is not unusual for a case to have several relevant factors that are crucial to identify a course of action. However, it is critical to the analysis that the relevant factors number no more than three and that they represent your choice. Further, it is important to state why you think the factor(s) chosen are important!

4. Conclusion (5 points): Identify a course of action you would take to resolve the caseproblem (problem resolution). Then, be sure to include what you think needs to happen once the action has been taken (steps/procedures necessary to implement the problem resolution). Feel free to support your course of action through personal, vicarious and/or experiences.

5. Graduate Level Writing/Presentation (5 pts.) Is the paper free of spelling, grammar, and word usage errors? Is the paper written with clarity and coherency? Is the paper written in the appropriate APA format and style?

Identifying relevant factors contributing to the problem,
Providing application of HR theories relevant in the case, and Suggesting recommendations for problem resolution.

Please this case study has to be full three pages, not 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 etc.

Key Terms that maybe discuss in Case study but not limited to it:

Human Resource Management, Human Capital, Core Competency, HR Management Roles, Operational and Employee advaocate Role, Strategic Role for HR, Off-shoring, In-Shoring, Outsourcing, Workforce Demographics and Diversity, Human resource management system (HRMS), Organization Culture, HR Generalist, HR specialist,

Strategy, Strategic HR Management, Organizational Culture, Productivity, Unit Labor cost, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Multi-national enterprise, Global organization, Importing and Exporting, Culture, Human Resource Planning, forecasting, Succession Planning, HR Metrics, Return on investment, Economic value added, Benchmarking, HR audit.

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