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Assignment Questions

Causality in Internet-Connected Cellular Networks

Please write an individual essay for each of the discussion topics. Each of the two essays should have 1 source and be around 300 words.

Discussion 1
Conduct a web search for the key words “Vulnerabilities in Cellular Data Networks” and look for a paper written by the three authors of our textbook: Traynor, McDaniel, and La Porta with the title of “On Attack Causality in Internet-Connected Cellular Networks”. Then do the following: (2%)
Get the reference of the site that hosts this article
Save the pdf document
Within the article the authors state there are “two new denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities in cellular data services.”
What are these two new vulnerabilities? Read from the article and name them.
Give a short description in your own words to explain what they are.
Give an example of each one of the vulnerabilities becoming exploits under attack

Discussion 2
Listen to the Blue Box #85 Podcast: the VoIP Security Podcast on
http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/blue-box-85-internet-phone-calls-and-terrorism-georgia-tech-report-on-emerging-cyber-security-threat/11995446. Then do the following: (2%)
Write a one paragraph summary report of the podcast (minimum 250 words).
Write a second paragraph discussing your own thoughts on the podcast.
What do you feel about the government’s wiretapping activities? Why or why not?
Should the government require data collection and retention? Explain.

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