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Assignment Questions

Cause and effect of over-consumption

Cause and effect of over-consumption.
The essay needs to focus on personal experience with the issue, what you think caused it to become an issue in your life, and the effects it has had on you. You can write about yourself, close friends or family memebers, or the world you experience around you. Althought this essqy involves your own personal experience, the details need to be examined in an organized, thoughtful, perfessional manner. Use language appropritate for a college-level discussion, and be sure to analyze thoroughly the causes you think have contributed to the issue being discussed.

Thesis: a thesis statement, be sure that it identifies the relationships among the specific causes or effects you will discuss. This thesis statement should tell the reader three things: the points you plan to consider, the position you will take, and whether your emhaiss is on cuases, effects, or both.

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