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Assignment Questions

Cell Research

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I. Introduction w/ Thesis Statement

II. Counter Argument (What others say about my topic that goes against/disagrees with my point of view or position about the topic) Note: I am for stem cell research.
**This paper needs to have a counter argument (Explain why people “medical fields” are against it. Why do they deny it?)

III. My Position w/ research as support

IV. My position w/ research as support

V. My position w. research as support
**Then what are “3” reaons why it should be denied. ***Provide strong examples that will strengthen the paragraphs.

VI. Conculsion

Additional Information that needs to be addressed from the original paper – In paragraph “4” provide a reallfe example to support the facts of the stem cell and the heart disease.

***Provide at least two disagreements of by topic.

Thanks for all of your assistance.

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