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Assignment Questions

Change Management

Change Management Short Essay Questions

Part 1

1. Find 10 web-sites about ‘change management‘. Write the definitions and explain briefly about their subjects. (5-6 LINES FOR EACH WEB-SITES).

Chose 1 from this 10 web-sites which you found and write more detailed about it. (HALF PAGE)

Part 2

?Change in organisations? ? name 2 or more core questions, that you find most intriguing / interesting / important within this topic, choose one and write down your own thoughts about it.
(Please find the attached picture as Provide Additional Material for more detailed information and example about that) (1,5 – 2 PAGES)

TOTAL 4 Pages

I dont want any sources and it would be perfect if you use a simple language.. Thanks from now on for the time you spend for me..

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